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¨…Gabriel’s training style is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, and it is amazing. Learning to have a connection with your dog, rather than just teaching it tricks is so important. His style helps you understand your dog and get it into a calm state of mind to help you achieve whatever it is that you need to. …¨

Kim (Brooklyn, NYC)

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A Kind Approach

My mission is to help dog parents see that there´s another way to train dog´s behavior that is gentle and kind. To help make a better place for dogs and for us. 

For over a decade I´ve dedicated my life to solve all kinds of family dog problems. I´ve researched and studied all the top dog trainers around the world. 

Doing so I´ve always encountered three basic different approaches to dog training: Treats, Yank & Crank or Alfa Theories/ ¨Leader of The Pack¨mentality based on dominance.

But there´s a different way. You can communicate with your dog  without using treats, without using physical corrections, without yelling or getting frustrated, without even touching your dog or without using Dominance /Alfa rolls or Wolf related theories. 

How?  Using our common language : body language, energy and state of mind. It´s not complicated and it works fast, but we need to learn it. 

You´ll see how as you start using no verbal language  you´ll experience how your dog will respond in a way you have never seen before. You´ll be able to take your relationship to the next level!


 City living with a Dog?


Training a dog in the city is very different than training a dog in the suburbs or in the country.

I´ve trained and helped thousands of dog parents in NYC. I know the challenges very well. For many dogs adjusting to city living could be challenging.

As a dog owner not knowing how to teach your dog or not having the necessary tools and skill to help your dog to adjust to the city could make things go south very fast. Without even been aware you could be causing problems like Leash aggression, separation anxiety, overstimulation, leash pulling, walk scavenging, fears, anxiety, fixations and even aggression. Most of this problems are created or nurtured by humans without even being aware of it. 

Having a family dog is very different from having a highly trained dog. You can have a highly trained dog that listens to all your commands, but still struggle with behavioral issues that can drive you and your family crazy. 

Knowing the difference between Dog Training and Dog Behavior or psychology will safe you a lot of time, frustration and will give you clarity in the world of internet confusion and excessive information. 

Understanding these two concepts and seeing the differences will completely change how you view the dog training world.

95% of my clients want a family dog not a highly trained dog and they get very confused. 

Family dogs aren´t wild animals anymore. They`ve been human companions and our best friends for thousands of years!! They don´t need to learn how to survive in nature or figure things out like a pack of dogs. They actually live in a human world with a lot of human rules.This is even more amplified if you live in a city or in an urban suburbs. 

No matter where you live though, your dog will need and will seek for your guidance. It´s entirely up to you to provide good parenting  in a calm and confident manner.