About Me

A Dog Person from Day One

From as far back as I can remember, I have had a connection to the dog animal world. Raised in the mountains of Spain, I played among our family’s pack of powerful Spain Mastine sheepdogs. Respect for mother nature and the responsibility we have to it was a mainstay in the elders who taught me how to live amongst the canine part of our family.

A Different Path

Although I was brought up in this environment, the path that took me to move to the US was completely different. I studied philosophy at UNED in Madrid before I was granted a scholarship to compose and perform music at Berklee College of Music from where I graduated.

After arriving in NYC and successfully pursuing a Jazz career for several years, I injured my left hand and had to stop performing. This was devastating. Watching me struggle, my wife Katie, decided to get a dog for us.

I was soon inspired by our new puppy, Ralphie, who challenged me by not behaving! I threw myself into working with Ralphie on his behavior and became inspired by my new little pal to start a dog walking and training career. I then discovered my innate ability to help dogs behavior by simply walking them correctly.

I spent a good amount of time and energy making sure that all dogs were properly walked and especially good on the leash while walking. I became the ̈Go To ̈ dog trainer in NYC and started noticing how a lot of dog training clients were complaining that their dog walkers were undoing all their training. They really didn’t have the knowledge of walking dogs correctly.

And Pawmos Was Born

Pawmos Pet Care started blooming and I soon realized the great opportunity I had in my hands to share this vision and knowledge. This is where it all started. I started walking dogs in the city and eventually training my own team of dog walkers creating Pawmos!  From the Spanish word vamos!, which means let’s do it!