I do. Actually I do it quite a lot. I love doing it because I know that Ralphie is never gonna argue with me. He is the best listener! His answer is always a cute face with that look saying: ¨I know, I get it.¨ It´s amazing how much this little he can take on. It just doesn’t affect him. 

The best part is that he doesn’t judge me. He doesn’t give me any bad advice or tells me what to do or how to do it. He just sits there and do nothing. 

 Sometimes I even get emotional and change my tone of voice. When this happens he pulls his ears up, he looks at me and slightly turn his head to the side. He is asking me: ¨Really, please tell me more about that¨. So I keep going. Eventually something really amazing happens. All of a sudden I just realize how simple the answer is. Then I looked at Ralphie and he always looks back at me saying: ¨you’re welcome¨

After this sessions, sometimes he just stays where he is, laying down and with his head resting on a pillow thinking:  ¨you humans need so much help¨.  Sometimes if the session was a little more intense he stands up, looks back checking on me and walks towards the terrace to sun bathe for a little while. He is thinking: “I’m done working for the day, you’re a piece of work, take it easy buddy¨.   

Ralhie is the best the psychologist in the world and it´s free!

Now, does he understand me? Hmm well, when I ask a question he never replies back, not even with a bark. Although that doesn’t prove he doesn’t understand. Pshychilogist doesn’t answer either! And he does have that look that says: ¨Really, please tell me more that.¨ which is the favorite phrase of psychologists. On top of that he doesn’t ask me weird and uncomfortable questions about my mom, which I highly appreciate. Sometimes I wonder how much this little guy takes in. So does he really understand me?

I’m sorry to bust your bubble if I tell you that  I’m convinced he doesn’t understand my words or the reasoning behind them. That’s just my opinion. Call me crazy!  But I always learn a great lesson. Listening is an art. 

PS: Here is a little whispering secret: I use it with my wife and it works!!

If you think your dog understands you please let me know and email me! I LOVE those stories!!!

© Gabriel Riesco, Fairfield CT,  May 16, 2018