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If you love your dog you can train your dog!

You already have the magic ingredient ¨Love¨.

The rest is simple knowledge that I can easily help you with.

Gabriel’s training style is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, and it is amazing. Learning to have a connection with your dog, rather than just teaching it tricks is so important. His style helps you understand your dog and get it into a calm state of mind to help you achieve whatever it is that you need to.


Brooklyn NYC

Learn directly from an expert with over 2000 successful real life visits.

When you join our program here’s what you’ll get:


Real life training videos and transformations.


Non verbal and body language communication techniques.


Loose leash walking techniques and skllls


Easy to follow video tutorials and PDF´s


Fast and effective games and step by step lessons


Leash communication skills ( no yanking, no corrections, no prong collars or shock collars etc)

Gabriel is clearly a pro. I truly appreciate his approach to adjusting behavior over simply teaching commands… I highly recommend the dog training with Gabriel.

Zach D.


Do you have a dog in the city?

City dog training  is very different from training a dog in the suburbs or in the country. 

For over 10 years I’ve trained and helped thousands of dogs parents  in New York City as well as in the suburbs doing the exact opposite of what most professional dog trainers or the internet tell you to do. Most dog trainers and dog training methods won’t work when you live in a City or urban Suburbs. WHY? Because  they have no idea of the problems or challenges of living a city

Most dog training programs in the internet or You-tube don’t understand city living. They don’t understand the staggering number of dogs you can encounter on a regular walk. They don´t know about the constant overstimulation, the amount of distractions, noises, street walking, food and scents on the floor, the fact that you can get evicted for excessive barking, the fact the dog parks are the only few chances where dogs can get to run freely and many other things which they have no experience with. Most of them are also completely unrealistic and simply don’t work in real life situations.

I know how it feels to try every possible dog training method from well known Dog Trainers to find out that are impossible to apply in the city or simply not relevant to your goals: to have a good family dog.

This is the reason why I created this online program.

He has changed our lives! My dog had very bad leash aggression and would go into fits when a dog came close to him…  Gabriel, is amazing with dogs … I can’t thank Gabriel enough times for improving my dog’s quality of life 1000 times over!

Kathy C.


Do you want a family dog? or a high performance working dog?

Dog training is often tailored more to dog trainers not to dog parents. A highly trained dog doesn’t mean a well behaved dog. 95% of my 911 calls are well trained dogs that know a good amount of ¨cues¨ or commands, but still have behavioral issues.

This is why most dog trainers hate parks. They can’t micromanage everything.

Most of these dogs have their “Certificates” in obedience or their Good citizenship diplomas, or they even are agility geniuses, but I still get the calls and emails saying:

“My dog is generally very good and smart, BUT  …

… he pulls on the leash …

… jumps at people …

… barks excessively …

… steels my socks …

… attacks other dogs …

… can bite strangers or kids …

… lunges at bikes or scooters, or strollers, or other dogs …

… is skittish and fearful

I got the chance to work with Gabriel when he was flown out to Los Angeles by some people who heard that he could work magic with their dogs…and magic he does work! …

Key point: he teaches *you*, not your dog, which is invaluable in that you need less sessions, and learn about yourself and your dog in the process and can implement that which you learn…



The science of animal behavioral tells us that the best way to train dogs is by using body language not verbal commands.

The first MISTAKE dog parents make is to start training their dog with verbal commands like : sit, wait, stay, come etc.

If you want to build your dog´s relationship with respect, start by simply giving respect to your dog. Start communicating in our common and universal language: Body language and energy.

Not only is the most intuitive and natural way to train your dog, but it´s also backed up by science.

Stop imposing human dog training programs like a machine. Manipulating your dog´s brain with endless repetitions and overstimulating your dog with one thousand treats and words it´s not the most effective way to bond or communicate with your dog. That’s not how nature works.

Treats and positive reinforcement has it´s place in dog training, but it´s not where you should start or end your relationship with your dog.

Most dog training techniques are great for sports dogs, high arousal training , agility, competition dogs or TV shows, but they are mostly irrelevant and unnecessary for family dogs.

Instead, learn how to bring more mindful interactions with your dog by learning how to use your body  language. Bring more awareness to what you do, listen to your dog and see how your dog is reacting to you.

… I was at my wits end with what to do with one of our rescues who barks at people, dogs, loud trucks, etc, and Gabriel gave us the tools and confidenceto work on these things. He understands dogs more than anyone I know, but also really understands people and the impact their dogs have on their lives.

Pennia Kreiger

Fairfield, CT

As a dog parent you’ll  learn:

  • Non verbal communication, so your dog will listen to you not to your treats.
  • Verbal communication, how to teach your dog cues and commands
  • How to calm your dog down when need it. Without dominance or punishment
  • Walking on loose leash
  • New skills, insights and games to develop a healthy relationship with your dog

Your dog will benefit from:

  • Being a happier and more confident dog
  • Trust you and respect you
  • Being fulfilled mentally and physically
  • Having the freedom he/she deserves
  • Having more fun

Let’s check the list of what you’ll achieve with your dog 

  • Focus on you
  • Listen to you, not to your treats 
  • Impulse Control and Self Control 
  • Calm your dog down 
  • Create a harmonious relationship based on trust and respect
  • Learn your dog´s body language 
  • Learn your body language and how affects your dog
  • Walking on a loose leash
  • How to train a dog in a city
  • Leash communication skills
  • How to integrate reinforcement training with behavior
  • Difference between dog training and dog behavior
  • How to communicate with your dog in silence
  • How to use your body language and energy control

See What People Are Saying About Pawmos Dog Training!

Gabriel showed me a new way to build trust with my dog. His approach was patient, informed, and instructional. He demonstrated techniques that had me communicating with my dog in a completely different way — yielding a completely different (i.e. healthy) result.

I can’t begin to explain the change I’ve seen on my dog (and more importantly in myself)…Meeting him seriously changed my life.

Holly M.

(Brooklyn, NYC)

… After having a bad phone conversation with another highly rated dog trainer, I was feeling pretty down because I thought my dog was a lost cause… Gambit is a rescue dog … He has several behavioral problems, including leash aggression … He growled at us frequently and had bitten us on several occasions…

The best part of Gabe was that he didn’t need to train Gambit, but rather he trained us how to respect Gambit and now to get him to respect us.   He taught us to stop Gambit from barking nonstop when the doorbell rang and how to stay calm around Gambit, so he didn’t sense our nervous energy and become stressed.  He also taught us how to walk Gambit, so he didn’t have leash aggression.

Rachel W


WOW… I feel like we talked as much about dog (and human!) psychology as we did the practical issues me and my new pup were facing. Background: she’s a 7-month old tripod rescue who is/was VERY afraid of cars but otherwise quite well behaved. No major issues but I feel like he set me on a path that I can build on. I’m feeling so much more confident, and she appears to be too — even after just one day. I know I sound like an informercial actor but I mean it these folks are the best!¨

Kathy B

… I have used about seven trainers who have not made much of a difference in helping Luca overcome his problems.  I have bought expensive e-collars and used prong collars.  Gabriel is gentle and self-assured and brings out the best in every dog he meets.  Truly a dog whisperer!

Danielle B

(Brooklyn, NYC)

… Gabriel’s approach to behavioral training works…  My nervous/scared dog, Dodger (and by scared I really mean scared…of everything – his shadow, parked and moving cars, crunchy leaves, wind, crunchy leaves being blown by the wind, every man including my husband etc. 

… we could help Dodger overcome his fears and anxiety and actually be the happy, playful and goofy dog that he is and should be, something we hadn’t seen in him before.  It was such a relief. Just watching Gabriel interact with Dodger for a mere 10 minutes was amazing – he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Jamie L

(Fairfield CT)

… He explained clearly, and simply, what we were doing that was causing our pup to become anxious and after demonstrating for a few blocks, Louie’s leash walking was 99% better! … The techniques and tips that Gabriel has showed us, …  has changed our pups (and our) lives. I never knew how much of our pups anxiety was coming from me!

Alex Renie

(New York City)

A friend recommended Gabriel and we have gone from puppy insanity to relative calm in a week because he showed us how we were doing it all wrong and how to fix it, in the best possible way…  Gabriel is Brooklyn’s “animal whisperer” whose approach is intuitive. It takes practice but I feel 1000% less stressed this week.  It is amazing to watch Gabriel interact with our dog ..

Finola K

(Brooklyn, NYC)

I have a German Shepard who is clearly the worst dog I have ever had. He doesn’t listen… The girl at the vet saw how horrible he is and told me I should send him to the rescue… 

OMG! After 5 minutes with Gabriel, Ellwood was behaving and listening to Gabriel. He taught me what to do to help my dog. Ellwood has not barked at a dog since Gabriel left. And he is a happier dog too!!!!

I no longer just write Ellwood off as the worst dog ever. He is the best dog ever! Thank you Gabriel!

Rochelle C.


Gabe (Pawmos Pet Care Training) is a miracle worker! …  Gabe has a unique talent with dogs that I’ve truly never witnessed before. He has a calm, warm demeanor with animals and owners, alike. Highly recommend!¨

Lauren C

(Fairfield, CT)

Gabriel did an amazing job in just a few sessions. He connected with Duke right away, figured out his motivators and needs. More than that, he taught me how to train and work with my own dog. It’s been great! Thank you Pawmos!

Father Sam Kachuba

(Fairfield CT)